Thomas Ball Barratt – A Pioneer of Faith for Holy Ghost Baptism

Thomas B. Barratt was born on July 22, 1862 in Albaston, Cornwall. His parents were Methodist church members.

His parents were both converted when they were very young. His father was born again at age 20, and his mother at 18. Both loved God whole-heartedly and served Him with utmost dedication.

Although God began to move in the life of Thomas Barratt when he was close to 9 years old, he didn’t become born again until he was 12 years of age through the instrumentality of a friend at Taunton where he was schooling at Wesley College.

Thomas B was a lover of religious music, prayer, and private study. His first open-air preaching was to the winds at the top of a high mountain from the first sermon he ever prepared! That was,  indeed, an expression of his passion to preach the everlasting Gospel of Christ.

He became a “local preacher” in 1882 with the right to preach to small groups of people and churches in his time.

He married Laura Jakobsen in 1887, the year he became a pastor.

Barratt is known as the founder of Oslo City Mission, the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement and also helped in establishing Pentecostal churches in Europe. He the editor of a magazine called “Byposten.”

He died in 1940 at the age of 77.

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