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The Fall and Redemption of Man

Aims of Writing this Post

  1. To grant you understanding as to Man’s original position and state at creation.
  2. To acquaint you with the knowledge of how Man fell into sin.
  3. To disclose the consequences of the Fall of Man on humanity and creation in general.
  4. To make you appreciate God’s effort in the Redemption of Man.


The Fall and Redemption of Man is an important account that every man should know very well. It helps Man to know where he is coming from where he has been and where he is heading to.

In this account of the Fall and Redemption of Man, the following major people are involved:

  1. God
  2. Adam
  3. Eve
  4. Satan, the Devil
  5. The Lord Jesus Christ

This account reveals the origin of sin and sufferings of mankind, the unfruitful effort of man to overcome his sins by himself, and the demonstration of God’s matchless and unconditional love for humanity.

The Fall of Man shows us the following how sin entered into the world and the life of Man, while the Redemption of Man shows us how sin gets out of Man.

The Fall shows us the original source of sin, while Redemption shows us the removal of sin.

The Fall shows us the problem, while Redemption shows the solution.

In the Fall, Man lost everything, in Redemption, Man recovered everything he lost.

Through the Fall Satan conquered Man, while through Redemption Man conquered Satan.

The accounts reveal that God both God and Satan are interested in Man. And also reveals Whom we should submit ourselves to – God, through Jesus Christ and not Satan.

What was Man’s Original State at Creation

Man, at creation, occupied a position of power, authority, dominion and honour! Man was superior to all of God’s creation. He was completely in charge of God’s creation. He was ruler and king over all. A god over creation.

Man was 100 percent holy, 100 percentage righteous and 100 percent perfect, at creation! He was as pure and sinless as God was.

He only knew how to love, and never knew how to hate. He only knew joy, and never knew sorrow; only knew peace, never knew trouble. His motives and intentions were all pure and right.

He walked with God freely and happily. Doing the will of God and pleasing God was his ultimate goal and passion. His heart and focus were on God. He served God faithfully and diligently. He heard from God and spoke with God perfectly.  In fact, he was in a perfect and extremely glorious state. Perfectly healthy, wealthy and strong. He never knew sin, sickness or Satan.

He was one and in perfect unity with God. He had perfect knowledge, perfect wisdom and perfect understanding.

He was made like God and in the image of God, not like animal as the theory of Evolutions propounds.

Man is is product of God’s Handiwork (Genesis 1:26,27; Psalm 139:14; Acts 17:28; Psalm 8:4-8).

At creation Man was not just a son of God, but was also a friend of God. They had sweet fellowship with each other regularly. He was in full safety without any threat to life. Nothing made him afraid. Life continued so gloriously with Man at creation until he fell into sin!

The Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden

Genesis 3:1-6 reveals the account of the Fall of Man. Man fell from his glorious position when he fell into sin, the sin of disobedience.  He disobeyed the instruction God gave him in Genesis 2:15-17.

He lost his original state and God given position to a place of shame and degradation. He fell from perfection to imperfection, holiness to sin, righteousness to unrighteousness, from joy to sorrow, from strength to weakness, from light to darkness, from glory to shame, from everything good to everything bad. He fell from God to Satan. What a pity! All that happened in the Garden of Eden.

We must take heed to God’s word and guard against disobedience of all kinds both in little and in great things. Obedience to God’s word is the foundation of our walk with God. Once you lose obedience, you lose all!

Who led to the Fall of Man? SATAN! What led to the Fall? DESIRE – sinful desire in the heart of Eve. Satan used her desire to bring Man down. Therefore, watch over your desire. Satan still uses people’s desires to lure them into sin. Whatever the desire is, legitimate or illegitimate. Be careful!

Steps to the Fall of Man

The following are steps to the Fall

  1. Satan appeared to the woman – Eve (Genesis 3:1).
  2. Satan started a conversation with Eve (genesis 3:1).
  3. Satan came up with a question (Genesis 3:1)
  4. The woman allowed Satan to stay
  5. The woman gave ear to Satan
  6. She went into conversation with Satan (Genesis 3:2,3).
  7. Satan misinterpreted God’s word and intension to her (Genesis 3:4,5).
  8. She desired the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:6).
  9. She took it(Genesis 3:6).
  10. She ate the fruit (Genesis 3:6).
  11. She gave eat to Adam, her husband (Genesis 3:6).
  12. He ate the fruit (Genesis 3:6).
  13. Their eyes became open (Genesis 3:7).

Earthly and Eternal Consequences of the Fall of man

The consequences of Man’s Fall have both earthly and eternal consequences. They are unbearable and painful consequences. Merel thinking of the consequences of sin should be able to deter you from  going into sin.

Someone rightly put it this way: “If you are tempted to sin, think about its consequences.”

Let’s look at some of the earthly consequences of the Fall. They are:

  1. Guilt.
  2. Shame.
  3. Sorrow.
  4. Sicknesses and diseases.
  5. Demonic oppression.
  6. Lack and poverty.
  7. Disfavour.
  8. Powerlessness.
  9. Unanswered prayers.
  10. Hardship.
  11. Death.
  12. Barrenness and frustration
  13. All the different types of sufferings in the  world today are as the result of the Fall.

Let’s see some of the heavenly consequences of the Fall are as follows:

  1. Eternal damnation in the lake of fire.
  2. Eternal regrets.
  3. Torments, weeping and gnashing of teeth eternally.
  4. Eternal separation from God.

Appreciating God’s Effort in the Redemption Man

Redemption is the over all effort of God in bringing Man back to his glorious state and position before he fell, through Jesus Christ. It also means salvation form sin and its consequences.

Redemption involves buying man a condemned criminal  who has been sentenced to death by paying a price of redemption by someone legally fit to do so.

Immediately after the Fall, God made a promise to redeem Man in Genesis 3:15. That promise came to pass several years later through Jesus Christ, the only qualified One among angels and men to redeem mankind from the Fall. You can see that in the following scripture references: Hebrews 9:22; Exodus 12:13; Galatians 3:13; 1 Corinthians 6:18-21; 1 Corinthians 7:23; Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 1:18-21.

Let’s take a look at the steps God took in redeeming Man:

  1. He came to look for Man.
  2. He made a promise to save Man in future.
  3. He became a man to redeem Man.
  4. He suffered (
  5. He was nailed to the cross
  6. His Blood was shed
  7. He died
  8. He was buried
  9. Took back the power and authority Man gave to Satan
  10. He intercedes for Man
  11. He is coming back to take Man back to heaven

In conclusion, Man fell into sin and became lost; Jesus came into the world and redeemed Man. There is hope for everyone who wants to be saved from sin and its consequences. We all need to appreciate God’s effort in His redemption of Man from the Fall. His was truly love, mercy and compassion in action. We can do so by accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts and making Him our personal Lord and Saviour and living for Him every day of our lives.

You can now become holy, righteous, and exercise power with God. You can experience peace, victory, comfort here on earth and secure eternal life with God in heaven. All because of the redemption. Glory be to God for His unspeakable grace! 


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