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The Single Youths With Jesus in Holiness

God is very interested in youths of all generations, tribes, languages, nations, backgrounds, sexes, and statuses. He is their Creator and Sustainer of their lives. He knows why He created each of them and sent them into the world.

The Lord knows that after the days of youthfulness comes the days of old age, after the days of strength comes the days of weakness, and after the good days comes the evil days.

So, as a result, God is telling you to remember Him now, (if you are a youth) not later (Ecclesiastes 12:1); remember Him today, not tomorrow.

Now belongs to you, later which represents the unknown, belongs to God. So, in essence, God is saying, “Give Me that which belongs to you, so that, you will get that which belongs to Me.” If you are wise, you will do as God is requesting!

Remembering God NOW is the greatest investment you can make into your future. You will surely get 100% returns in the future on the investment.

Be wise, therefore! Do not forget God today, because you will need Him tomorrow. Do not run away from God today because you will face Him in judgment tomorrow. Whatever a youth sows today, that is what he will reap tomorrow.

How you treat God today will determine how He will treat you tomorrow. If you seek Him today, you will not only find Him today, but you will also find Him tomorrow because He will go ahead of you to wait for you in the future.

Who is a Single Youth?

The major question we must answer now is: Who is a single youth? Before saying who a single youth is, let’s know who a youth is.

A youth is a young person. One who is still very young between ages 15 and 35. Then, who is a single youth? A single youth is an unmarried youth.

There are so many youths in our time who are not married, and many more youths are refraining from marriage because of the economic situation in the country, demonic oppositions, religious and cultural beliefs, and many others. But that is not the will of God.

The will of God is that it is not good for the man or woman to stay or live alone Genesis 2:18). They need to marry. Marriage is God’s perfect will for single youths (Proverbs 5:18).

The Single Youths Without Jesus

So many single youths are not born again. Maybe you are one of them. You are a sinner by nature and by choice. The things that single youths without Jesus in their lives do are totally provocative to God.

Their lives are in opposition to God. They are not interested in God, in His will, His ways and His word. Are you like that? You are rather interested in your own will, and in your own ways. But why? What has God done to you that you are treating Him that way? It is not fair at all. You need to retrace your steps back to God!

Some of the things single youths do in secret can be said to be “unimaginable.” Examples of some of the things single youths do that are terrible are:

  1. They masturbate.
  2. They lust after the opposite sex.
  3. They watch porn.
  4. They homosexualize.
  5. They lesbianize.
  6. They practise pedophilia
  7. They have sexual fantasies.
  8. They commit fornication.
  9. They make some married people cheat on their spouses because of them.

The above are just a few out of the lot they do that attract divine judgment upon their lives.

Some go into internet fraud to give a false impression about themselves, they steal, join cults, commit abortion, fight, kill, etc. All this attracts God’s judgment.

If you engage in any of those things listed above, you must repent of your sins and give your life totally to Jesus and make your Lord and personal Saviour. You will be saved and delivered from them and the powers of darkness that accompany them, in Jesus’ name. Amen. HERE IS WHAT Isaiah 1:18 says,

The Single Youths with Jesus in Holiness

It is good to know that, not all single youths live in sin, and are without Jesus. Some are genuinely born again and serve God in holiness, righteousness, and truth.

This group of single youths with Jesus in holiness are unmarried and holy. They are unmarried but born again. They live exemplary lives wherever they find themselves. They are special youths with special interest in the heart of God. They are confident that their heavenly Father knows their marital needs and is doing something wonderful for them. So, do not need to defile themselves. They serve God in purity of life every day. That is the kind of youth you should desire to be.

They deny themselves all forms of immorality, uncleanness, and sin. They control themselves and subdue their flesh and fleshly lusts.

They are patient with God, knowing that their time of marriage must surely come to pass. They don’t let pressure from anyone about marriage disturb them. They prayerfully bring their marital needs to God, their Father.

I was a single youth with Jesus in holiness. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 17 and got married at the age of 29, by the grace of God. As a single youth, I kept myself in holiness, righteousness and truth. In fact, I was a Christian leader in a renowned holiness church – the Deeper Life Bible Church. I kept myself for God, and He, gave me the love of my heart. Truly, God does not disappoint those who put their trust in Him.

These sets are born again and are living in the fear of God in private and in public. They avoid sin by all means. They have no time for any relationship with anyone that will lead to sin.

They keep themselves morally clean until the appointed time of marriage.

God loves such single youths a lot. He ensures they married their “missing ribs”, indeed. Be a single youth like that. Amen.

Are you a single youth with Jesus in holiness? Or, do you claim to have Jesus but in works you deny Him?


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