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The Three Basic Christian Experiences You Must Have to Work for God

Aims of Writing This:

  1. To open the eyes of your understanding to three basic Christian experiences needed for entry into the service of God.
  2. To equip you with the knowledge of the three Christian experiences for effective and acceptable service to God.
  3. To create in your heart of the students, hunger and thirst for the possession of the three Christian experiences.
  4. To enable you to scripturally differentiate between the three Christian experiences.
  5. To show you Biblical examples of men and women of old that possess the three Christian experiences.
  6. To reveal to you, consequences of working for God without the three basic Christian experiences.


Everyone who intends joining the workforce of the Lord, and of any holy  church, must have three basic and foundational Christian experiences. These three basic experiences will enable them to enter into the workforce, remain in the workforce and become effective and useful in the workforce of the Lord and of the church.

The three basic Christian experiences are like the three educational qualifications that an applicant or a job seeker must have and present in order to occupy a particular position in a reputable organization or company.

It is worthy of note, that, the most effective church workers are people of experience – divine experience! They are people who have “tasted it” and have known how “sweet” it is before giving to others. Such experienced people will speak with greater conviction and boldness than inexperienced people would (Psalm 34:8; 2 Timothy 2:6)

Organizations worldwide look for experienced workers, in addition to their academic qualifications. They may state in their job offers that a particular applicant must have 5 years or more working experience, for example.

They always look for the experienced because of the much benefits they bring into the workforce which include good problem-solving skills, ability to mentor the inexperienced, fast and timely delivery of jobs, great understanding of the job and so on.

The Three Basic Christian Experiences Explained

The three basic Christian experiences are the foundational Christian experiences that a man or a woman needs to them walk with God and to work for God. They are the experiences one must have to experience God in a greater dimension.

The three Christian experiences are:

  1. Salvation
  2. Sanctification
  3. Holy Spirit Baptism

These three Christian experiences are also known as “The Three Works of Grace.” So called because are the first, foundational encounters a sinner experiences from a gracious and loving God. They are the three operational work of grace in the life of a sinner when he comes to God. Although, they don’t they

Now, lets consider the experiences one after the other.

Salvation – The First Basic Christian Experience

Salvation is word derived from the Greek word “Soteria” which means deliverance. So, salvation is the first basic Christian experience whereby a sinner is saved or delivered from sin and its consequences.  

The consequences of sin range from guilt, to Satanic attacks, shame, oppressions, depression, and eternal damnation in the Lake of fire.

According to the account in Genesis 3:1-8, man fell into sin and became helpless, hopeless and separated from God. He became lost in sin and unrighteousness. He became an enemy of God. As a result, God sent him out of the Garden of Eden.

God had another plan, a plan B, to save man completely from sin, iniquity and unrighteousness, and bring him back to Himself. It is the actualization of that plan B in a sinner’s life that we call “Salvation.” It is experienced only by the grace of God through Christ Jesus. It is salvation a man becomes a child. Without it, no hope!

Steps to Salvation

To experience salvation, first thing must come first. It doesn’t just fall from out of the blues. Below are simple steps to salvation by grace:

  1.  You must acknowledge that you are a sinner (Psalm 51:3).
  2. You must repent of all the sins you have committed (Matthew 29:21;
  3. You must confess all your sin to  God and  forsake them(Proverbs 28:13).
  4. You must accept Jesus by faith into your heart(Revelation 3:20).
  5. You must finally believe that God has answered your prayer (Hebrews 11:6).

So, the first experience you must have to be able to serve God acceptably is salvation. Without it, your service is “rubbish” before God.

Sanctification – The Second Basic Christian Experience

{Deuteronomy 30:6; John 17:17-19; 1 Thessalonian 5:23)

Sanctification is the second work of grace through which a saved soul’s heart is purified and purged of all inbred or inherited sin – the Adamic nature.

To live a perfectly holy, blameless and Christ-like life before God and man, you must have this experience. The “root” of sin in your heart must go through sanctification. This experience is so important that without it you cannot see God (Matthew 5:8; Hebrews 12:14).

Steps to Sanctification

  1. You must be saved from sin and Satan.
  2. There must be strong hunger and thirst for sanctification (Matthew 5:6).
  3. Consecrate your life, your body and all totally to God (Romans 12:1).
  4. Pray fervently for sanctification.
  5. Exercise that you have got it.

Holy Spirit Baptism – The Third Basic Christian Experience (Joel 2:21-29; Acts 2:1-13; Luke 24:49)

This is the third work of grace God carries out in the life of a soul. This experience ushers you into you into the supernatural power of God. Nobody can do God’s work with human strength. For it is not by power, nor by might you can do exploits in the service of God. It is by the Spirit of God. “Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts”(Zechariah 4:6).

Steps to Receive Holy Spirit Baptism

  1. You must be saved from sin at salvation
  2. You must be sanctified.
  3. You must hunger and thirst seriously for it.
  4. You must pray passionately until you receive.
  5. You must exercise faith that you have received it.
  6. Worship God in faith for filling you.
  7. Then, speak out the language the Holy Spirit is putting in your mouth to announce His arrival.

Bible Examples of People with the Three Christian Experiences

The Holy Bible is littered with men and women whom God saved, purified and filled with His Holy Spirit and used for His glory. Though, the saints of God in the Old Testament did not speak in tongues, because it’s a New Testament experience, nevertheless, they had the Spirit of God coming and resting upon them to carry out special tasks for the Lord.

The following are both men and women in Bibleday that fall under our topic:

  1. Moses – Exodus 3:10
  2. Isaiah – Isaiah 6:8
  3. Elijah – 1 Kings 18: 36-38
  4. Deborah – Judges 4:4,5
  5. Ruth – Ruth 4:13-17
  6. Joshua – Joshua 1:9
  7. Paul – Acts 9:15,16
  8. John, the Baptist – Matthew 3: 1-3
  9. Stephen –Acts 6:8-10
  10. All the apostles of Jesus.

Consequences of Working without the Three Basic Christian Experiences (Matthew 7:21-27; Genesis 4:5; Revelation 3:2: Hebrews 12:14; Genesis 19:14)

Working for God without the three basic experiences is dangerous and unrewarding. God doesn’t recognize nor reward such workers or servants. Such works are vain in His sight. He considers them “polluted” because they are offered with sin in the lives of those that offered them. Finally, those who serve God without salvation, sanctification and Holy Spirit baptism stand the risk of missing heaven at last!


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