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Surrendering to God’s Will

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Matt.26:42 – He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done. (KJV)

THE MESSAGE: When God made man in the Garden of Eden, He gave man a will to exercise in line with His own will.

Man exercised that will joyfully as God wanted, gladly, willingly and wholeheartedly until man fell into sin and got his will defiled and rebellious against God.

From the time man fell from the glory and holiness of God until now, it became difficult for man to yield and surrender to God’s Will.

Sin in your life is the major reason why you find it hard to surrender to God’s Will. You struggle to do it, struggle to obey and please God. It is because your will has been disconnected from God. Get it reconnected by repentanc from sin and faith toward Jesus Christ. Get born again.

Once you accept Jesus into your heart, you can easily hand over that stubborn and rebellious will of yours to God. God will accept it and change it to one that will enable you walk with Him in obedience, submissiveness and faithfulness. His will in every matter, situation or circumstance, becomes your delight. You will no longer struggle, debate or argue before you do God’s will, even if it looks difficult or painful.

Surrendering to God’s Will is the only way you can experience God’s best for your life. Doing so brings consistent blessings and joy and peace into your life.
May God help us all to surrender perfectly to His will every time, every where in Jesus’ name. Amen

Food for Though: You will not know the sweetness of God’s will till you surrender your will to His.

Prayer Point: Pray and tell God that His will, will be sought for and surrendered to, by you.

Other Bible References;
Psalm 40:8; 143:10; Matthew 6:10


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