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Do Not Bypass Christ’s Sacrifice

Daily Soul’s Nourishment Devotional (DSN) By Pastor Julius U. Bethel



Matt 27:38

38 Then were there two thieves crucified with him, one on the right hand, and another on the left.

39 And they that passed by reviled him, wagging their heads,

40 And saying, Thou that destroyest the temple, and buildest it in three days, save thyself. If thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross.


They say opportunity comes only once, especially if it is the only available opportunity remaining. Once you miss it, you will never have it again. That was what happened to the passers-by in our Bible reference. They never knew they were bypassing the only sacrifice meant for their salvation and eternal life. They had the opportunity to believe in the Saviour of the world, to become sons and daughters of God, but they bypassed it to their eternal doom! They missed their chance! How we also need to be very careful and at alert not to miss our only opportunity for blessings.

Those passersby were spiritually blind, else they wouldn’t have treated the crucified Saviour and Lord the way they did. They would have stopped by. But they didn’t. Rather, they mockingly bypassed the on which the Saviour, the sacrificial Lamb hung!  If they had known what they would gain, they wouldn’t have become just passersby, they would have become worshippers at the foot of the cross.

Beloved, have you bypassed the sacrifice of Christ already like those passersby did? Please, return. Do not bypass it. It is dangerous to do so. In fact, it won’t favour you to do so.  Everything you need that pertains to life and godliness is available through the sacrifice. Is it abundance you are looking for? Or, deliverance from demonic attacks and afflictions, victory, freedom from sin, sickness and Satan? You can get all of that through the sacrifice! Look unto it in repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, and all shall be well.

There is no other sacrifice that can save you except that one alone.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When you get to the cross, be a worshipper and not a passerby.

PRAYER POINT: Pray that you will not be blind to divinely arranged opportunities.

OTHER BIBLE REFERENCES: John 3:16; Isaiah 53:1-12


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