The “Nursing” Father

06/01/2023 Julius Bethel 0

In most homes, the period of nursing babies after they are born is usually left for wives to suffer alone. That is unfair. Husbands ought to be fully supportive of their nursing wives at such times. Husbands should not only buy everything their babies or wives need at such times (which is what most men do when a new baby arrives) they should also be available as much as possible to practically care or help their wives in nursing their newly born babies.

The “Pregnant” Husband

03/01/2023 Julius Bethel 0

a pregnant husband is fully there with his pregnant wife from day one of the pregnancy to the child delivery hour. Some men leave their wives to carry the load all alone by themselves. They never lighten the burden and give a helping hand.

Domestic violence

The Evil of Beating One’s Wife

03/01/2023 Julius Bethel 0

Most men, do not know, that beating their wives is a terrible evil, a great evil, indeed. It is a sign of immaturity, irresponsibility, lack of the fear of God, foolishness, and “mental derangement.”