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Monday 17, June 2024


 But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.

THE MESSAGE: There are things in nature we are sure must happen. We do not need a prophet or a seer to tell us about them; we know beyond every reasonable doubt that they must happen.

For example, we know that rain must fall in the rainy season. We, also know, that, once it is night, it will soon be daybreak. Or, whatever goes up must certainly come down. Death, too, is one natural thing everybody is sure will happen, and many others time will fail me to mention.

So also, the word of God wants you to be sure of this very thing: YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT! Be sure of it. Let it register in your mind.

Sin in your life must not be hidden. It must not be covered but dealt with immediately. You can only remain hidden in your sins for a while. No matter how long it takes for you to hide in evil, wickedness, unrighteousness or iniquity you have committed, bear in mind that, one day, a day you do not expect it to happen, sin will expose you.

Sin is not anybody’s friend. When it is time for it to expose you, as God appoints, it will expose you publicly. It cannot be bribed or begged not to do so. You cannot silence or stop it from exposing you, it will find you out.

Where are you hiding with your sin right now? In a church work as a chorister, usher, pastor or evangelist? Are you hiding under speaking in tongues, or under giving of tithes and offerings?  Be sure, and very sure that, your sin will find you out. If not while you’re alive, it will be when you die.

Be sure of this, that your sin has a date and time to find you out so that everybody will know who you truly are – a sinner, a hypocrite.

Repent now of every sin in your life. Confess them to God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. Then, do your restitution to those your sin affected. Only sins that are confessed and forsaken have no power to expose anyone. Praise the Lord!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Any sin you don’t deal with now will deal with you later.

PRAYER POINT: Pray and confess every known sin in your life. Also, tell God to search you for more sins to confess.

OTHER REFERENCES:  Job 10:14; 11:14; Jeremiah 2:22


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