The “Nursing” Father

In most homes, the period of nursing babies after they are born is usually left for wives to suffer alone. That is unfair. Husbands ought to be fully supportive of their nursing wives at such times. Husbands should not only buy everything their babies or wives need at such times (which is what most men do when a new baby arrives) they should also be available as much as possible to practically care or help their wives in nursing their newly born babies.Who is a nursing father? A “nursing” father is a man who is involved in taking care of his breastfeeding child in the absence or presence of the child’s mother – his wife. The name “nursing father” actually comes into play most times when the wife is away, that is, not at home. He does everything the wife would have done, if she were present. And, even if she is present, that does not make him leave everything for her to do. He knows fully well that, with the arrival of the baby, he automatically becomes a “nursing” father without being told. Some men even specifically prepare for it.What does a nursing father do?

A nursing father does the following:

1. Helps during breastfeeding of the baby.Although he does not have breasts with which to breast feed the baby nevertheless, he ensures the breastfeeding wife is not distracted from breastfeeding the baby. He takes care of any distraction that may arise.

2. Helps in bathing the baby. He sometimes bathes the baby especially when his wife is indisposed to get that done. He may help to remove the things used in bathing the baby and keep them in the right place.

3. Helps in changing diapers. When the baby messes him or hetself up, he removes the napkins or pampers, cleans the baby and gets him clean clothes to wear.

4. Helps in making the baby go to sleep.He carries the baby in his arms and sings a lullaby until the baby falls asleep, then, lays him on the bed.

5. Keeps awake in the night to care for the baby. Babies most times stay awake or sleep a little at night and sleep long in the day. During this time, the baby is either crying, playing or sucking. The “nursing” father would not be sleeping throughout at such times. He would wake up to take care of the baby in whichever way possible in other for his wife to be able to catch some sleep instead of letting her have sleepless nights because she is the mother.

6. Helps in washing baby’s clothes. Babies use a lot of clothes. They could use up to four or more clothes per day. So, the amount of clothes to wash increases fast. In such situations, the “nursing” father gives a helping hand. He washes the baby’s clothes. He is not ashamed to do so.

7. Helps in feeding the baby, especially, if the baby is mature enough to take liquid or semi solid foods. If the baby feeds from bottle, the “nursing” father makes use of that to feed the child.

Benefits of Being A Nursing Father

*It promotes the father-child bond.

*It increases the love of the wife for her husband.

*It makes the man a good example of a husband and a father.*It helps to preserve and reserve the strength and energy of the wife for other important activities at home.

*It promotes peace, unity and joy in the family. Every father should be a “nursing” father. But if your children are all gone pass the baby stage, then, be a nursing husband to your wife. Make her your “baby”. Care, nourish and cherish her the way a nursing mother cares for her baby.I was told about a man who used to carry his baby on his back! What a nursing father, indeed.

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