The Evil of Beating One’s Wife

Domestic violence

Most men, do not know, that beating their wives is a terrible evil, a great evil, indeed. It is a sign of immaturity, irresponsibility, lack of the fear of God, foolishness, and “mental derangement.” It shows you do not regard her person. I can’t imagine how a man will raise up his masculine hand to beat his wife. It is one of the great evils that are done under the Sun.No matter how annoying a wife is, no matter how offensive she may be to you, her husband, NEVER RAISE YOUR HAND AGAINST HER! A woman, because of how she is biologically, physiologically and psychologically created by God, does not need the force and pain that come from beating. When a woman is being beaten by her husband, the following ten things become evident in her life:

1. She becomes filled with regrets for marrying the man.

2. She begins to feel and develop a sense of insecurity at home.

3. She performs below expectations at home.

4. She will be forced to compare her husband with other men.

5. She will be wishing herself death.

6. She will not enjoy her marriage.

7. She will lose her self-esteem and self-confidence among other women.

8. She will become a pretender as she would not like others to know her plight which would help in solving part of the problem she is facing.

9. Her spiritual life will become negatively affected as she would most times not be in the mood to pray, go for fellowship or read the Bible .

10. She will not be far from sickness which will eventually lead to death.

Why Some Men Beat Their Wives

*When love for wife dies, beating starts. A man who loves his wife will never beat her.*It is as a result of a spiritual attack on the marriage.*Absence of godliness or the fear of God in the man.*If the woman does not satisfy the man in bed it could make him develop the habit of beating her.*If the woman is disrespectful, insubordinate and provocative, her husband will be forced to beat her.*Some men resort to beating their wives to let them know that they are men, and that their wives should fear them.*It is hereditary. That was how their own fathers beat their wives. *Some do so because of a “side chick” they want to satisfy.*They think nothing is wrong with beating their wives.

Why You Shouldn’t Beat Your Wife*She is your second half. Beating her is beating yourself.*Beating your wife is sinning against God and man(in this case, your wife).*Beating your wife makes you a bad husband.*Beating your wife is tagged “domestic violence”, it can send you to jail. *She can die in the process and so, you become tagged a murderer.*If she is pregnant while being beating, it can cause pre-term labor or a miscarriage. *If there are children in the family while you are beating her, it will make them see you as a wicked husband and father. The resultant effect is that, the children will hate women(or men), hate to marry or also beat their wives when they get married.*The marriage will not last.

Overcoming The Tendency Of Beating One’s Wife

From all I have saying, you must have understood that, beating one’s wife is totally abnormal and out of place in marriage.But, perhaps, you fall into the category of men that beat their wives, here are simple steps to help you get freed from such marital abnormality:*Spend time to fast and pray for yourself to get such mindset out of you, and pray out that thing in your wife that always makes you to want to beat her.*Each time you are tempted to be your wife, remember three things:-God’s judgment. He will judge you for it.-your marriage vows. You vowed to love, nourish and care for her for better, for worse. So, beating her makes you a liar, covenant breaker and makes you a boy and not a man.-Remember the law of the land/nation which forbids such act. It will catch up with you.-you may lose her to sickness, deformity, or even death.There are others but let’s take only those four.*Put your hands in your pockets or behind you and walk out of her presence for a while to get your temper down.*Seek to settle any minor quarrel immediately before it degenerates to the size that it will make you to want to beat her.*Work on yourself; work on your wife.*Go for marriage counseling. My prayer is that, you will live peaceably with your wife and enjoy your marriage in Jesus name. Amen.

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