13 Characteristics Of The Unconditional Love Of God


The Bible says, in the book of John Chapter 3 verse 16, “ For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Friend, God loves you dearly. He is excited about you. He is glad about your existence. For you are His handiwork. You are His masterpiece. He is your Creator, and you are His creature.

God is the God of love. He loves all He created – man, especially, and you, in particular! His love for you is unconditional. His unconditional love for you is described as follows, using the letters of the word “UNCONDITIONAL”:

  1. U- God’s love is Unmerited. This means, you don’t need to work  for it. You don’t need to do anything before God will love you. You can’t buy it with good works. It is unmerited in every generation. You were born into it. You came into the world and met the love of God already in existence surrounding you. We don’t deserve it but He showed it to us. So, no matter who you are, your background and status, you are loved and surrounded by the unmerited love of God! Hallelujah!

2. N- God’s love is Natural.    Yes, the love of God is naturally in God’s heart. God loves you naturally, not because of anything you have or anything you are. The love of a mother for her child is natural. So, God’s love for you is natural. It is produced and rooted in His heart. It is not man-made. No man is the reason behind God’s love for you. As the sun shines naturally, so, the love of God reaches you naturally. Praise the Lord!

3. C- God’s love is Complete. The love that God has for you is complete. It is a full package. That is, it is a perfect love. God is a perfect God. So, His love for you cannot be less than perfect. He loves you perfectly. He loves you completely without any reservation. He doesn’t have a better love for you tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. You are having it fully. That is wonderful!

4. O- God’s love is Ongoing. By ‘ongoing’ it is meant, the love of God is right now upon you. You are sitting or standing or in whatever posture or condition you are in, right in the very love of God. The love of God moves with you, sleeps with you and wakes with you, goes everywhere with you and does whatever you are doing right now with you. It never ceases!

5. N- God’s love is Needed. Man is a creature of love. He hates to be hated. He needs and is hungry for love. Love is the heart-cry of man. There is no man or woman that doesn’t need to be loved. God knows that too well. So, He made it available. You and I need the love of God. We all need each other’s love, but God’s love is the most need in the whole earth.

6. D- God’s love is Demonstrative. God loves, and GAVE, as a result of that love. He demonstrated His love in the Person of JESUS CHRIST! The whole life of Christ from the beginning to the end was a practical demonstration of love. He healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry, forgave sins and offences, and so on. Don’t you see that love being demonstrated also in your life? Everything you have or are is as a result of the demonstration of God’s love for you. You ought to demonstrate your love to God too!

7. I- God’s love is Intervening. How often did you find yourself in danger, and God’s love intervened, and you were saved! God’s love has intervened in your life, family, ministry, business, organization, etc, on several occasions even before you remembered to pray for His interventions. Each time you come out of a tight situation, it is His love for you that intervened. If you are in any tight or difficult situation right now, never give up. The love of God is right there with you, and will surely intervene, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

8. T- God’s love is Trustworthy. You can trust God’s love for you. With God’s love, you feel secure and safe. With God’s love, you feel you can ‘fly’ and achieve. Those who trust in God’s love are not disappointed. You, too, cannot be disappointed. They don’t give up or quit knowing that the love of God will see them through. Rely on His love; rest on His love. You will never be put to shame.

9. I- God’s love is Individualized. Of course, God love the whole world, but He loves you personally, He loves you individually. He is interested in you individually. He deals in love with you on an individual basis. He choose you as the only one to bless out of the lot in a group because of love. What He may not help a group of people to achieve, He may help only you to achieve. That is the individualistic nature of God’s love.

10. O- God’s love is Overflowing. Those who are enjoying God’s love cannot keep it only to themselves. It has a tendency of flowing out from one person to another. It spreads. It cannot be horded.

11. N- God’s love is Nice. Isn’t God nice? He is, of course. So is His love for you. It is sweet. Sweet to the soul. You feel good in His love. It gladdens the heart. It is soothing. It has a calming effect. It satisfies. You can never have too much of it. Having God’s love makes you nice as well to those that come in contact with you.

12. A- God’s love is Acceptable. Many have accepted His love. You, too, can accept it! Give a man that is thirsty water, he would readily accept it. God’s love is like water. Give a man that is thirsty of love, real love, he will not reject it. The love of God is actually a Person. Jesus Christ is the love of God personified. We are to accept Him into our lives. Doing so is for our own good. Those who have not accepted the love of God in Christ are heading towards eternal damnation. Accept the love of God today; accept the love of God NOW!

13. L- God’s love is Living. God’s love has life. It is a quickening love. It is an active love. It has power to change or transform lives. Nobody encounters the love of God and remains the same. Human or earthly love is lifeless except it originates from God through Christ Jesus.

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