21 Things To Do For Spiritual Growth and Maturity In Christ

If you are new in Christ, I congratulate you dearly. And, welcome to God’s Family!

Knowing Christ is the best experience that man can have on this side of life. To know Christ is to know Life; not to know Christ is not to know Life.

As someone new in the faith, there are certain things you need to know that will help you know Christ more and grow up in Him.

I collectively call those ingredients SPIRITUAL BALANCED MEAL. They are practices for you to carry out on daily basis because of the great iimpactthey will make on your spiritual life.

For a babe to grow healthily and strong into adulthood, it needs to constantly take in balanced meal, which is a meal that contains all the necessary nutrients and classes of food that the human body needs.

For example, the body needs carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and so on to grow healthily and strong.

So also, the spiritual man, needs a spiritually balanced meal to thrive well spiritually.

To let you know in detail what the spiritually balanced meal is, I will use each of the letters of the words ‘SPIRITUAL BALANCED MEAL’ as acronyms to list and explain them one after the other.

S- Separation. You need to separate yourself from anything and anyone that can make you go back to your vomit. Keep yourself pure at all times. 2 Corinthians :614.

P- Pray every day. Prayer releases grace and power to live the Christian life and overcome sin, Satan, and the world. Pray for yourself and others. Pray about everything. Luke 18:1.

I- Invite People To Christ. You should make it a practice to always invite people to Christ and to church.

You have family and friends who are still lost in sin. Invite them to Christ. You can do this by sharing the Gospel with them each time you have the opportunity to do so. Mark 16:15.

R- Read the Bible on daily basis. Through reading the Bible, you will discover God’s will, laws, instructions and promises to obey and claim. Every believer is supposed to live by the word of God. That can only be possible when you feed regularly on the word.

You should also read good Christian books written by God’s holy and anointed servants.

There are things God has taught them over the years of their walk with God that they put in writing that would be of great help to young Christians like you. Matthew 4:4.

I- Insist on pleasing God at all times in every situation, in every place. Colossians 3:17.

T- Talk Less. A Christian who is a talkative is a sinner. You must learn to keep your words few.

Let people know you to be a quiet Christian. Talkativeness reduces God’s anointing in your life. It grieves the Holy Spirit. It brings spiritual weakness.

After talking too much, you will discover you are weak to pray or even read the Bible. You must avoid talkativeness at all costs. 1Thessalonians 4:11.

U- Uncover sins. Never form the habit of hiding or covering sin either in your life or in the lives of others.

Sin is never meant to be covered but exposed. If you cover any sin, it will in turn cover you with divine judgment, and also cover you in hell. Proverbs 28:13

A- Availability to God is a key to being useful to God. God wants you to be available to Him at all times.

A believer that is unavailable for God to use, even if he is the most anointed on earth, will become useless and lose the anointing. So, always avail yourself to God. Isaiah 6:8.

L- Love God’s spirit, soul, and body. God doesn’t want anything less than that. Love His word, love His work, and above all, love His children, even if they are of different races, backgrounds, or denominations. Deuteronomy 6:5.

B- Believe in God for everything you need. That has to do with faith. Without faith, you cannot get anything from God. Without faith, you cannot please God. It will make you strong and do exploits. Always guard your faith. Hebrews 11:6.

A- Assemble yourself all the time with God’s people. Never abandon the gathering of God’s people. It brings constant spiritual renewal and refreshing. It helps you not to fall by the wayside. It brings spiritual covering over your life. It brings to you the opportunity to serve others thereby discovering your spiritual gift, talent, and calling. Hebrews 10:25.

L- Lighten your corner. In other words, shine for Jesus. Let others see Jesus in your character, in your behavior, and your speech. Be different! Matthew 5:16.

A- Abide in Christ. To abide means to stay put. Stay put in Christ. Contrary winds and doctrines will blow to move you away from the faith, away from Christ; you must remain in Christ.

No matter the situation you may find yourself in, you must abide in Christ till the end. John 15: 4

N- Non-conformity with the world. You must bear in mind that the world and its ways are in opposition to God.

No true Christian conforms with the world in dressing, marriage, celebrations, and so on.

The world denied and reject the Lord Jesus Christ. It was never a friend to Him. You, too, must reject the world and refuse to be friends with her. James 4:4

C- Combat the powers of darkness. You should know that you are on a spiritual battlefield.

So, be combatant. Be war ready at all times. The devil and his demons do not sleep, and nor do they rest. They are seeking whom to devour.

Therefore, be ready at all times to combat anything that will stand against the will of God for your life. Ephesians 6:12.

E- Endure hardness. The Christian life is a life that involves suffering, cross-bearing, and sometimes, persecution. You must endure if you find yourself in suffering. 2 Timothy 2:3.

D- Doctrines of the Bible must be known and kept. It is doctrines that give you spiritual backbone. Most Christians who started this race “yesterday” are not in it “today” because they were not grounded in Bible doctrines.

So, know the core teachings of the word of God and stand on them. Acts 2:42.

M- Meditate on God’s word day and night. Do not meditate on your problems or negative things the devil or people will tell you. Meditate on the word every time.

God instructed Joshua to do so. It is in meditating on His word, that He speaks to you and gives you revelations. Joshua 1:8

E- Examine yourself from time to time to see whether you are on the right track to heaven; to see whether you are still in tune with God or not. 2 Corinthians 13:5.

A- Ask questions. Asking questions will help you to learn and know more. Ask those who are ahead of you questions or even God, things you do not understand or want to understand about the faith.

It is commonly said that those who ask questions do not miss the road. Genesis 25:22.

L- Lackadaisical attitude towards the things of God should be avoided. Romans 12:11.

Observing these 21 things every day will help you grow well spiritually and you will not only be a useful vessel in the Hands of God, but you will also certainly make heaven at last.

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