My Journey Into Salvation

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This is a story of how I got to give my life to Christ Jesus shared with you for the glory of God.

My Sinful Lifestyle

My mind was not on God before I got saved, but His was on me.

Before I became born again, I lived a life that was contrary to the Word of God. My life was bad, filled with unrighteousness and evil.

The following were the characteristics of my life:

  • I was a liar to the core. I told lies as other children of my age did. I would commit an offense and tell lies about it because of the fear of being punished. That was.
  • Again, I delighted greatly in immorality. I was an immoral youth. I lusted after girls at home and school. I had more than one girlfriend. I committed fornication thinking I was enjoying myself not knowing Satan was pushing me gradually to hell.

I wrote love letters even with the word of God to win the hearts of girls.

*Stealing was part of my life. I stole corn from people’s farms. I stole money from home. I stole meat and fish from soup and other little, little things that fancy the eyes of children of my age both at home and at school.

  • I wasn’t free from disobedience as I disobeyed both my parents, teachers, and others who were older than I.
  • I lived a life of fighting. Fighting anyone that offended me. There was a time I joined some bad friends to kind of fortify myself with some fetish power so that bottles could easily be broken on my head without sustaining any injury.

I remember an incident that happened to me at school when I was in junior secondary. I fought the teacher that was teaching me Introductory Technology.

That incident made the school authority to expel me, and/or made my father to take me to another school where I did my Senior Secondary School 1-3. So, I didn’t continue with the school again.

As a sinner, I practiced boxing out of the ambition of wanting to become an amateur boxer, and for self-defense. Even though I was practicing boxing, I was beaten hands down by a boy I fought with. I couldn’t use my boxing skills on him to beat him, rather he lifted me up, threw me down to the ground, and started punching me. I was helpless; I couldn’t defend myself.

Although, I planned to attack him on another day, yet didn’t do so because I became born again and had to make peace with him.

  • While still a sinner, sometimes I dressed myself like a woman just to just to appear funny not knowing I was on my way to hell.
  • As a sinner, I wanted to become a Rastafarian. I loved singing reggae. I was also, a cheat and practiced how to smoke. Malice and stubbornness were also part of my life.

I went to church but was still practicing sin. By that, I became a hypocrite.

How My Journey Into Salvation Began

My journey into Christ began in late 1990 at the age of 17, when God brought three persons into my life. The three of them were born again and zealous about the things of God.

One of them, who was a member of Deeper Life Bible Church always backed up whatever he was saying with the word of God by constantly “The Bible say.” I was challenged by that. It created a hunger for God in my heart.

The other two brothers attended the Assemblies of God church. They always came near me to share testimonies of how God helped so and so brother and so and so sister miraculously. That, created hunger for God in my heart.
I began to think of becoming an evangelist.
I said I would visit different churches since evangelists do so.

Then came the year 1991. I visited some churches. I visited the Apostolic Church on a Sunday. Yet I didn’t get saved until I went to Deeper Life Bible Church on a Sunday morning for worship, where I heard the raw message of salvation and gave my life completely to Christ. I cried like a baby to God for mercy and gave my life over to Christ totally by faith. I never remained the same again. Glory to God!

But before I went to Deeper Life, I heard that the Assemblies of God Church at Rumuodomaya Town, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State was having a 3 day weekend revival program in February or March of that same year. So, I went. The Evangelist Vitalist Nwachukwu preached the word and made an altar call. I refused to go out because of pride. Even though I didn’t go out for the altar call, I remember praying at my seat that night with tears all over my face and mucus from my nose. I was telling God, “Oh God, give me your Holy Spirit.” I didn’t speak in tongues, but believed I had received the Spirit without the assurance of salvation until that Sunday morning in Deeper Life.

After accepting Christ into my heart that morning, my life became transformed. The things I used to do, think or say that were sinful, i do, think or say them no more. And, until now, I am still saved and have never drawn back.
Grace met me and changed my life to something beautiful and desirable. He wants to do same for you NOW.
Praise the Lord!

I don’t know how far you have gone into sin, Christ is telling you, “Come” and you will be saved if you obey.

How To Be Saved

  1. Acknowledge your sins.
  2. Repent of your sins.
  3. Confess your sins.
  4. Forsake your sins.
  5. Invite Jesus into your heart by faith.
  6. Believe God has accepted you and that now, you are saved.
  7. Look for Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide and join to grow in truth, righteousness, and holiness.

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