How To Facilitate God’s Visitation For Your Life & Your Church

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Facilitating God’s Visitation for your Life & your Denominational Church.

If you were told that the president of the United States of America was coming to visit you, how would you feel? I think you would feel honored, great, fortunate, and happy.

But now, it is God Himself that wants to visit you and connect with you. Hallelujah!

God has always been in the habit of visiting men. Both the Old Testament and the New Testaments reveal to us instances, forms, and purposes of God’s visitation.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

A. God’s Visitation In The Old Testament- Gen. 3:8a; 18:1-3;21:1; Exo.3:16,17; Ruth 1:6; Job 10:12

B. God’s Visitation In The New Testament- Lk1:68; 7:16; Matt. 1:23; Rev. 21:3

God’s visitation means a lot to both believers and sinners alike.

To believers, it means renewal, restoration, deliverance, and so on. To sinners, it means forgiveness, salvation, peace with God, adoption into God’s family, and other blessings.

But then, God’s visitation does not just happen. It must be facilitated. Hence the topic under consideration: FACILITATING GOD’S VISITATION FOR YOUR LIFE & YOUR DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH.

The word “facilitating” comes from the word facilitate which means, “To help bring about.” So, “facilitating” means helping to bring about. Out topic, therefore, means helping to bring about God’s visitation to your life and denominational church.

The question now is, How do you help to bring about God’s visitation to your life and denominational church?

  1. Facilitating God’s Visitation To Your Life.

God desires to visit you personally. He has so much He wants to do in you, for you, with you, and through you. He has been longing for a long time to do that. Yet, would not just make you experience His visitation without you playing your part.

The following are some of the things you must do to facilitate God’s visitation to your life:

i. Put away sin from your life – inward sin & outward sin. Sin hinders God, it repels God, it ties God’s legs from coming to visit you in blessing but not coming to visit you in punishment or judgment. Job 22:23

ii. Put prayer in its rightful place in your life. Gen. 32:25,26

iii. Exercise faith because it does not come without faith. Heb. 11:6

iv. Consecrate yourself totally to God. Romans 12:1

  1. Facilitating God’s Visitation To Your Denominational Church.

When God visits a man, it becomes very easy for Him to visit the man’s household. In the same vein, when God visits a pastor, it becomes very easy for Him to visit the pastor’s church.

So, to facilitate God’s visitation to your denominational church the following has to be put in place:

i. Experience God’s visitation first. Matt. 15:14

ii. Call on members of the church to do thorough personal repentance and confession of sins both to God and man. 2 Chr. 7:14

iii. Strip the members of their worldliness and worldly amusement. Kill the spirit of worldliness among them. Exo. 33:5,6

iv. Let there be strong, continual congregational prayers specifically for God’s visitation until He shows up.Hos. 10:12

v. Preach the undiluted word of God in season and out of season. Acts 2:37

vi. Wait in faith for God, for He will surely visit.

3. When God Visits, How Do We Know?
When God visits, or any time He does so, the following things will be evident:
i. Carefulness not to sin against God.
ii. Salvation, sanctification, and baptism in the Holy Ghost will be a regular occurrence in the denominational church.
iii. Darkness turns into light, sorrow into joy, sickness to health, dryness to freshness, poverty to riches & prosperity, and so on.

iv. Victory and triumph in the battles of life

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