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12 Great Lessons To Learn From The Account Of God’s Judgment On The King’s Servant

A very important account is given in the Bible about a lord (servant) on whom the king of Samaria leaned, of how he – the lord – doubted the prophecy given by Prophet Elijah on prices of foodstuffs becoming very cheap on the next day in the land of Samaria in a time when famine was on its climax and people had suffered greatly as a result.

You can read the account from 2 Kings 7:1,2,16-20.

Prophet Elijah’s prophecy eventually came to pass as prophesied, but the king’s lord did not partake in the divine provisions of God – he died!

He only saw it with his eyes but did not taste it. What an unfortunate experience and a great lesson to every reader of the Bible.

Looking at the account closely, with the help of the Holy Ghost, the following are 12 great lessons we can learn and take to heart, if we must enjoy God’s blessings and enter in heaven at the end of our pilgrimage on earth, and not just ‘see it.’

  1. The account teaches that we should never doubt the word of God.

God’s word is not meant to be doubted or disbelieved, but believed wholeheartedly and obeyed.

Others who heard Elijah give the prophecy believed and prepared themselves for the fulfilment of the prophecy, but the king’s lord doubted it.

So, the word didn’t profit him. Same thing happens today. Only those who believe the word of God are blessed. You may not understand how it will happen but believe it will happen.

  1. Do not despise prophecy
    The king’s lord despised the prophecy given by Elijah. As a result he suffered for it. When it comes to prophecy, let us do what 1Thess.5:21 says. Prophecy is for our own good. We should not despise it or those whom God has given the grace to prophecy.
  2. Always believe God’s true servants who speak by the Spirit of God (2Chr.20:20).

God is pleased when people believe His servants and true prophets. He releases blessings upon such that believe them and judgment upon those that don’t.

Believing God’s servants and prophets is believing God Himself who gives the word or prophecy.

  1. God’s word must come to pass (Isaiah 55:11)

God doesn’t separate Himself from His word. Just as He never lies but always truthful, so also, God’s word is ever true.

It must always come to pass no matter how long it takes. God’s word through Elijah came to pass.

  1. There is time to talk and a time to keep silence ( Ecclesiastes 3:7).

Study to be quiet. The man talked when he was supposed to keep quiet. If he had kept quiet, he would have kept his life. The rule is, keep quiet on what you don’t understand, especially, when it has to do with the things of God.

Know when to talk. Rather than saying anything negative or contrary to God’s word, why not keep quiet and save your life? Be wise!

  1. Some Christians will only be qualified to see heaven but will not be qualified to enter into it.

The servant “Saw” but did not taste the prophesied food supply Prophet Elijah spoke about. God allowed him to see it to let him know that His word in the mouth of His servant was true.
God will allow many to see heaven but will not allow them to enter. He allowed Moses to see the promised land but did not allow him to see it (Deut.32:52). May you not be one of them, in Jesus’name, Amen.

  1. Go honours the words of true servants of His.
    What Elijah said, God brought it to pass. He honoured His servant. And that was because God was the One that gave Him the word.

Whatever word, promise or message God gives you, declare it by faith, God will bring it to pass. His word will not return to him void.

  1. Situations can change overnight once God steps into them.

Yes, once God steps into a situation, solution steps in. God is Light the situation you are going through is “darkness.” Darkness gives way once light appears (2 Corinthians 6:14). The two are enemies. God and your problems are enemies. Your troubles can never withstand God’s mighty Presence! The famine in Samaria ended the moment God stepped into the situation.

  1. What is impossible with men is possible with God (Like 18:27).

They people of Samaria didn’t know their situation would change so soon. They didn’t even think about it happening so soon. Only God could change their situation. It was an impossible situation. Their king couldn’t change it. Their wise, rich and wealthy men couldn’t change it either.

Since only God could change it, He actually changed it. But God turned it around.

Your situation, problem or trouble you are going through is not impossible for God to change. Have faith in Him. The so-called impossible case will be turned around for you.

  1. God is the God of judgement.

It is true that God is love and the God of love. He is also the God of judgement. His judgment also comes as a result of His love.

He judges sin, unrighteousness and iniquity. Judgment against sin is part of His nature. If He doesn’t judge sin, He will not be God!
So, He had to judge the king’s lord to teach others faith in His word and in His true servants.

  1. God gives people chance to repent.

The king’s lord had some hours to repent before the judgment came, but he didn’t make use of it.

God always gives people opportunities to repent. Sometimes He delays judgment in order to give you chance to repent of your sins.

If you refuse to repent, judgement takes over. Have you committed any sin and have not yet repented? Hurry! God may soon run out of patience with you.

  1. Over familiarity with God’s word and God’s servant hinders personal blessings.

The king’s lord was familiar with the prophet. He was familiar with his pattern of ministration. He took Elijah and the prophecy for granted. You could see it in his attitude. As a result, he didn’t experience the blessings.

The man or woman of God may be your younger brother, sister, friend or colleague, don’t take him or his ministry for granted. Else, you will not get blessed through him.

May the Lord help each and everyone of us to apply our hearts to wisdom, in Jesus’name, Amen.


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